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Eternal Escape

Eternal Escape is a story-driven tactical game set in a sci-fi theme with a strong focus on turned based combat. · By Team Goji, BiBoetzke


Recent updates

Status Update April/May '19 | Comparison between EternalEscape and other turn-based tactical games
In May we released the latest version of Eternal Escape. Now we will take this as an opportunity to compare our game with other turn-based tactical games. The g...
Six months ago at the end of 2018, we tested our gameplay mechanics with models and animations from unreal marketplace. Also, with the help of motion capturing...
Status Update Feb ’19 | Glimpse of our concept art
In September of 2018, we started sketching our ideas of the different classes. Because of this, a new lead and more concept artists joined the team in May but t...
Status Update Dec ’18 - Jan '19 | 2018 in Review
Hello everyone, after we’ve taken a look into the future and told you what to expect in 2019 in our last blog post, we will now review 2018 and summarize wha...
Status Update Nov ’18 | Christmas holiday post
Hello everybody, 2018 is coming to an end and a lot happened this year. Besides the release of our pre-alpha demo and our visit to Gamescom many changes have ta...
Status Update September-October ’18 | Gameplay Demo Version Pre-Alpha 0.2.8
Hi there! In the last months, our team was quite busy again, while our artists were working on concepts and style studies (which unfortunately we can’t show y...
Status Update July-August ’18 | Gamescom
Hey all, July and August were packed with events for us, we were that busy that we didn't even manage to write a blog post. But what happened in July and August...
Status Update June ’18 - Gamepad Support
You can find the german translation here! Hello everybody, as we do not only want to release Eternal Escape on PC, but also on all main consoles, a good and in...

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